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Dive into the heartwarming stories and testimonials of our patients at Eastern Idaho Endodontics, where each testimonial is a testament to our commitment to dental excellence and patient care. Drs. Morrison, Sutton, Bingham, and Hyde have not only transformed smiles but also touched lives, as shared in the glowing reviews from those who have experienced our advanced endodontic treatments.

Transforming Smiles: Real Endodontic Successes

Step into a world where expert endodontic care meets heartfelt patient experiences with testimonials. Our patients joyfully share their journeys from dental discomfort to radiant, pain-free smiles, thanks to our dedicated endodontist’s skillful use of advanced technology and a compassionate approach. Every testimonial is a story of fear turned into relief, and anxiety transformed into gratitude, highlighting our commitment to exceptional dental health and patient comfort.

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls office

“Dr Hyde and Litzy were super. Easier than a filling. Love the dam and bridge, for once my jaw wasn’t sore after dental work.”

Joe R, Idaho Falls
“I had a root canal done by Dr. Hyde. He and his assistant Litzy gave me very good care. Dr. Hyde fixed a tooth that has been bothering me for 15 years. Regular dentists have tried. If you need to have a root canal, go to these professionals, don’t have a regular dentist do it for convenience, you can really tell the difference in care and results. I really do think I got 5 star treatment.”
Peggy B, Idaho Falls

“I spent 3.5 weeks w/ a tooth that should actually have had a root canal than just a new crown, 2.5 of those weeks were long awaited trip to Germany/Austria. Timing couldn’t have been worse. On a scale of 1-10 my pain today before seeing Dr. Bingham for a much needed root canal was about 15. My anxiety about the procedure was about a 12. Handsome Dr. Bingham & his adorable & fun assistant Ashley literally took my breath away. The shots didn’t even hurt. I nearly fell asleep during my procedure. Unbelievable! Thank you Dr. Bingham!! Next time my dentist says I “just” need a crown. I will consult w/ you first. It’s almost worth the xtra cost, longer procedure & pleasant scenery & banter too just hope for the root canal to begin with. Eastern Idaho Endodontics rocks. Give them a try!!!”

Jill B, Idaho Falls
“I had a wonderful experience from start to finish with Eastern Idaho Endodontics & would highly recommend them! From first call to the office to a pain free, comfortable root canal procedure with Dr Jason Hyde & Teona, I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience (and my final bill was lower than the estimate). I’m anxious with dentists but Dr Hyde & Teona put me at ease right away & the professionalism & kindness I was shown was truly heart warming. I have had no issues since the procedure & Dr Hyde even called to check I was doing ok afterwards. I feel so lucky to have had EIE recommended by my dentist!”
Louise R, Idaho Falls

“I had a tooth bother me off and on for 2 years.
I have soooo much anxiety of the dentist chair! I finally got enough courage to get it fixed and I’m so glad I did! I wish I would have fixed it sooner! Dr Val Bingham was so awesome ? and helpful and his assistant as well! They explained everything that they would be doing, and assured me that it would be a smooth process… I had a very good experience… I highly recommend! ????”

Brent B, Idaho Falls
“Dr. Hyde and his sweet assistant Litzy were and are amazing!! They helped my son when he was in some serious dental pain. Not only did they fix a root canal that needed to be treated again, they explained the process and made accommodations to meet that day. Thank you to Dr. Hyde and his team!!”
Heather B, Idaho Falls
“Dr Hyde was awesome. He did great keeping me comfortable. His assistant Teeona was amazing!!! I have high anxiety and she was great and comforting. She deserves a raise. She knows how to treat people, couldn’t have had a better experience.”
Chrissy W, Idaho Falls
“They treated me kindly and listened when i said i was in pain. They also brought me a stressball to squeeze which was nice. Overall good experience. Dr Jason Hyde did a great job.”
Aeryn B, Idaho Falls
“I had the fortune of having Dr Jason Hyde and his assistant Teeona perform two root-canals on me. Their expertise and skills of putting one at ease and performing the business at hand were some of the best that I have ever experienced. I would highly recommend this team of experts to anyone in need of their profession, and especially to anyone with anxieties surrounding dental work. A very positive experience!!!”
Rod R, Idaho Falls
“I’ve had to experience a visit to Eastern Idaho Endodontics twice for root canals. Dr. Hyde and his assistant “T” was who did both procedures on me. I have the highest admiration for the two of them for the excellent care and compassion they demonstrated to me. If you’re searching for an endodontice for a similar procedure… he’s your guy with “T” at his side!!! Thanks again…Ed Niederberger”
Ed N, Idaho Falls
“Dr Hyde and the Staff at Eastern Idaho Endodontics did an amazing job caring for me during my root canal. They were always concerned about my comfort level, explained before and after the procedure what to expect. But what really impressed me was how quickly I received a response and a remedy to a question I had the next day. I highly recommend Eastern Idaho Endodontics to anyone needing a root canal.”
Jerry W, Idaho Falls
“Amazing root canal today with Dr Jason Hyde! He was quick and gentle! I don’t love getting dental work done but Dr Hyde and his assistant Teeanna made it easy! Awesome job!”
Tina L, Idaho Falls
“I had a great experience in spite of a great deal of apprehension beforehand. I highly recommend Eastern Idaho Endodontics, they are phenomenal!”
Heather W, Idaho Falls
“I came into this office and I had a great experience from getting me back to talking to the doctor and getting the information that I needed. Everyone was very helpful and I wanted to give a big shout out to Dr. Hyde and his wonderful team! Thank you being able to help me out.”
Koen R, Idaho Falls
“I was very impressed with the entire staff at EID. Dr. Jason Hyde performed my root canal, and his attention to my comfort continued throughout the procedure.”
Mary J, Idaho Falls
“Dr James Hyde and his assistant Tianna were so kind and gentle. I was super nervous but they did a great job”
Abby C, Idaho Falls
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“The staff at Eastern Idaho Endodontics were kind and thorough. My husband has severe dental anxiety and Dr. Hyde was great at explaining each step of the procedure, easing any anxiety he had. Great chair side manor, he felt confident in their care and comfortable with each staff member we interacted with. I was able to sit in with him while he had his procedure and was so impressed with Dr. Hyde & Litzy. Thank you guys! He had a great experience and is looking forward to pain free days!”
Cierra T, Hailey

“More than half of our family has been here now – Dr Hyde is wonderful to work with as well as assistants. Office staff is very friendly and super easy to get appointments. Thank you!”

Conny W, Hailey
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Jackson office
“Thank you Dr. Hyde and all of his amazing staff. Great experience and fun staff felt at ease during my root canal. Thank You Again For a great experience!!!”
Jill S, Jackson
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Pocatello office
“I had such a good experience with Dr. Sutton. He was super fast and efficient at redoing a root canal, plus he was really nice. His entire office staff were so pleasant and kind to me. It was a great experience!”
Megan M, Pocatello
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“Comfort first with this dentist. Really great experience.”

De Boushele, Burley
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